Daniel A. McKinley


Industry Specialisation

Daniel A. McKinley


    • Bachelor of Laws (LLB),
      University of Technology,
    • Bachelor of Medical Science
      (BMedSci), University of
      Technology, Sydney
    • Master of Industrial Property
      (MIP), University of Technology,
    • Solicitor, Supreme Court of New
      South Wales
    • Registered Australian Patent
    • Registered Australian Trade
      Marks Attorney
    • Fellow of the Institute of Patent
      and Trade Marks Attorneys

Daniel McKinley is an Australian Patent Attorney, Trade Marks Attorney and Lawyer. His expertise as a Patent Attorney spans engineering, physical and organic chemistry and software, particularly in the areas of medical related technologies and industrial products and processes.

In the area of medical-related technologies, Daniel has experience working with clients developing pharmaceuticals, novel materials and medical devices.  Daniel also has particular expertise in relation to orthopaedic devices, drugs and drug delivery, patient monitoring and management.

Through his experience working with clients in the healthcare sector Daniel’s understanding and experience in relation to software/algorithms and signal processing technology has been invaluable.

Apart from his experience in healthcare related technologies, Daniel also has worked with clients developing technology in the mechanical engineering and materials science areas.  In particular, Daniel has worked with clients involved in mining equipment, mineral and chemical engineering and processing .  Daniel also works with clients involved in the developing building and construction related products.

A substantial part of Daniel’s practice involves drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications. His strengths are being able to quickly understand his client’s technologies and capture and articulate their innovations into a patent specification.

In addition to being an Australian Patent Attorney, Daniel is also a lawyer with expertise in providing patent infringement, validity and enforcement advice and assistance to clients.

Daniel is a fellow of the Institute of Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys (IPTA) and is a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) and regularly attends events held by industry organisations including AusBiotech, AusMedtech, Composites Australia and the Medical Technology Association of Australia.

Daniel has presented on numerous occasions in relation to Intellectual Property developments in medical devices and medical science including, most recently:

Emerging Biotech – the Dawn of a New Age – AIPLA Webinar – September 20, 2017

Biotechnology/Emerging Technologies – AIPLA Spring Meeting – May 17, 2017